If you're looking for an advanced and undetectable travian bot, you need ulTraBot !


Dependable, Trustworthy, Caring, Free

Features of VilloNanny v2.4.0:
  • Supports all Travian versions before Travian 4
  • Reads/sends in-game messages
  • Settles new villages
  • Dodges attacks, sends troops at a given time of departure/arrival
  • Sells resources on the Market
  • Handles the Wonder of the World village
  • Works with VilloFetch
  • Can stop when a captcha is received
  • Solves the starting quests
  • Upgrades troops
  • Attacks, reinforces or scouts a group of villages in sequence
  • Attacks nearby villages automatically
  • Finds crop fields in the map
  • Destroys buildings
  • Grows fields evenly
  • Grows fields by keeping a given resource proportion
  • Increases the level of existing buildings
  • Builds entire villages from scratch in a given sequence
  • Increases the granary or warehouse when more space is needed
  • Sends merchants periodically
  • Trains troops
  • Attacks or scouts enemy villages at a given rate
  • Reinforces allied villages at a given rate
  • Handles multiple villages, multiple accounts, multiple servers
  • Elements are specified in the server language
  • Runs on any international server, given the appropriate configuration
  • Disguises as a human using a browser: tries to prevent captchas
  • Simulates browser cache
  • Intelligent pauses: only connects when needed
  • "Night mode" to connect less frequently at night
  • Runs on any computer, perfect as a linux background process
  • Very well supported
  • Open Source: customisable and good for learning Java
  • Totally free

Travian the online multiplayer browser game

Travian is a browser game of farming and combat. It is played in realtime, 24 hours a day, and although most actions take many minutes or hours to complete, you soon become addicted and spend your whole life, days AND NIGHTS, growing fields, trading goods and moving troups. Soon your life gets fucked up worse than if you were a drug addict. Playing Travian, after all, is much like raising a baby: you must perform daily tasks that will make your creature grow bigger, stronger and respected, losing lots of sleep in the process. But if you also want to keep living a proper life, then you need a Nanny.

VilloNanny the Travian bot

VilloNanny is the Travian Nanny: it will perform your duties while you work, eat, sleep, … All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Any computer will do (Windows, Apple, Linux, …) as long as it can run the Java platform. It doesn't have to be much powerful, and you don't even need a monitor.

Playing the Travian game will become less stressful and you'll be able to get back part of your life.

If you want to give VilloNanny a try, download it and read the documentation.


VilloNanny is a Travian bot, i.e. a "robot", a program that performs actions on behalf of a human. The use of robots MIGHT be forbidden by the Travian rules, so users of VilloNanny might incur in banning, account deletion or other forms of punishment. The developers of VilloNanny can not be held responsible for any damage users of the program might suffer.

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