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Full Release

The latest release of VilloNanny is VilloNanny 2.4.0 It comes in two packages: the “binary” package is what you need to run it, while the “source” package is for programmers who want to modify or study the source code.

During configuration, please use the latest “patternOverride” setting found in the forum.

Download from SourceForge:

Alpha and Beta Patches

Sometimes, between releases, we publish “alpha patches” or “beta patches”. These patches contain the latest code from the CVS “evo” branch, so they might fix bugs or introduce new functionality, but they are not properly tested and the functionality or the syntax might change before the next release. They are not full VilloNanny packages and they should be applied to the previous release. To install the patch, just remove the content of the “dist” directory (renaming won't do) and save the file (should have a .jar extension) in it.

No patches to v2.4.0 have been released yet.

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