Strategy: TroopManager

FIXME: Draft for 2.4 alpha

Purpose to manage troop movements in a village and between villages
When to use when you want to send troops at a specific time to reinforce or attack or dodge attacks
When to avoid when you want to send very accurate timed waves or dodge close multiple waves or have multiple incoming attacks

The TroopManager strategy supports several modes of operation:

  • Dodge Incoming attacks by sending all own troops away for a short period of time
  • Gauls can release any Prisioners in Traps so will rebuild automatically
  • Troops can be sent at a specific time
  • Troops can be sent to arrive at a specific time

When the strategy has an action to do at a specific time it will schedule to run as accurately as possible and not add random wait times. However if many other strategies are ready they may run before and only approximate timing is possible


  • ideally should be run as first strategy in the village to try and make timing as accurate as possible
  • currently does not manage any reinforcements in the village


<strategy class="TroopManager"	desc="DESCRIPTION" minPauseMinutes="MINS" sleep="SLEEP" 
          enabled="true" runWhile="RUNWHILE_UID" waitFor="WAITFOR_UID" uid="UID">
	<release enabled="RELEASE" />
	<dodge enabled="DODGE" x="XCOORD" y="YCOORD" recall="RSECS" wait="WSECS" />
	<troops type="TROOP_NAME" allowLess="ALLOWLESS" min="MINIMUM_TROOPS" 
		randomise="RANDOMISE" enabled="true">TROOP_AMOUNT</troops>
	<time type="START|ARRIVE" maxLateMinutes="LATE" movement="REINFORCE|RAID|ATTACK" coords="(XCOORD|YCOORD)"
            village="TARGETNAME" desc="DESCRIPTION" format="dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss">TIME</time>

Attributes and parameters

DESCRIPTION some optional description of your choice
WAITFOR_UID See "Strategies"
RUNWHILE_UID See "Strategies"
UID Unique IDentifier. See "Strategies"
MINSthe time in minutes to wait before running again when no action is scheduled or attack detected
SLEEPthe time in seconds to wait in this strategy watching the clock rather than look at other villages. Longer will give better timing for this movement but may interfere with other village actions or multiple attacks; default is “60”
DODGE“false” if you want to report incoming attacks in log, “true” if you want any troops in the village to be sent away; default is “false”
RSECStime in seconds before attack to send troops out and wait to recall troops; default is “30”
WSECStime in seconds to wake up before any movement and wait in village strategy. Should be less than RSECS * 2; default is “50”
RELEASE“false” if you want to leave any enemy troops in Gaul traps, “true” if you want to release them as soon as possible to allow traps to rebuild; default is “false”
TARGETNAME The name of the target village
XCOORD, YCOORD target village coordinates, safer to use than the name also supports x=“XPOS” y= “YPOS”
REINFORCE, RAID, ATTACK the type of movement. The value to use can be found in the language configuration file
TROOP_NAME type of troops, in the server language or as an alias defined in the language configuration file
ALLOWLESS “false” if you want to send the amount of troops and don't send anything if you don't have them, “true” if you might also send less than the specified troops when you don't have enough; default is “false”
MINIMUM_TROOPS the minimum amount of troops to send when allowLess=“true”; default is “0”
TROOP_AMOUNT the number of soldiers to send. The actual amount sent depends on the values of “allowLess”, “minimumTroops” and “randomise”
TIMEthe time of arrival or departure
START, ARRIVEselects if the time is the time to start movement or time to arrive; default is “start”
FORMATthe format to use for time; default=“dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss”
LATEthe time in minutes to allow troops to be late if strategy not run at exact time; default is “0”


<strategy class="TroopManager"	desc="TroopManager"	minPauseMinutes="5"	enabled="true"	uid="1">
	<release enabled="true" />
	<dodge enabled="true" x="0" y="0" recall="20" wait="30" />
	<troops type="Phalanx" allowLess="true" min="1" randomise="false" enabled="true">1000</troops>
	<time type="start" maxLateMinutes="5" movement="reinforce" coords="(0|0)" village="" desc="desc"
                format="dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss">01/04/2010 20:30:00</time>
	<time type="arrive" movement="reinforce" coords="(0|0)" village="" desc="desc"
                format="dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss">01/04/2010 21:25:00</time>

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