Strategy: Destroybuilding

Purpose To destroy a building by reducing its levels
When to use When you need the plot for a different building
When to avoid When you still need the builing!

The DestroyBuilding strategy will remove building levels down to 0 or a specified minimum level at which point it well complete and set the finish flag.


  • A Main Building of at least level 10 is required to destroy buildings


<strategy class="DestroyBuilding" enabled="true" 
          runWhile="RUNWHILE_UID" waitFor="WAITFOR_UID" uid="UID">
     <building id="ID" name="BUILDING" minLevel="LEVEL"/>

Attributes and parameters

DESCRIPTION some optional description of your choice
WAITFOR_UID See "Strategies"
RUNWHILE_UID See "Strategies"
UID Unique IDentifier. See "Strategies"
ID building slot number. You can specify ranges like for GrowItem, i.e. id=“20-22, 25, 28-30”
BUILDING the name of the item you want to destroy, in the server language (optional). When specified, the strategy will destroy the building only if the current type matches the value of this attribute. Useful when you want to grow something else as the slot becomes free
LEVEL the level to which you want to reduce the element - default 0 which will totally destroy it


Destroy a cranny

<strategy class="DestroyBuilding" desc="Cranny down" enabled="true" uid="s123123">
     <building id="19" name="Cranny"/>

Reduce The Town Hall to Level 10 to extend Party Time!

<strategy class="DestroyBuilding" desc="Shorten Town Hall" enabled="true" uid="s123123">
     <building id="19" name="Town Hall" minLevel="10"/>

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