Strategy: CapacityIncreaser

Purpose to increase the level of the warehouse and/or the granary automatically when they get too full
When to use when you don't want to spend valuable resources in enlarging the warehouse/granary because you have enough space, but also don't want to risk filling them up
When to avoid when you are being farmed and want to keep your warehouse/granary small so that raiders won't harvest too much from you

The CapacityIncreaser strategy will try to keep a given amount of free space in the warehouse and the granary. The amount of space is not expressed in resource quantity but in production hours. The higher your production, the bigger your warehouse must be if you want to be confident that it won't be filled up quickly. For example, let's say your granary can hold 12000 crops, currently holds 4000 crops and you have set “overflowTime” to 5; if your production is 2000 the granary level will be increased when the strategy runs because 4000 + 2000 * 5 = 14000 which is more than it can currently hold.


  • If you don't have any warehouse/granary or they are at the highest possible level, the strategy will create a new one in the slot specified by the “id” attribute when an increase is needed
  • If you set the “overflowTime” to zero, nothing will be increased
  • The overflowTime doesn't have to be an integer, so 90 minutes will be “1.5”


<strategy class="CapacityIncreaser" desc="DESCRIPTION" enabled="true" 
          runWhile="RUNWHILE_UID" waitFor="WAITFOR_UID" uid="UID">
      <warehouse id="SLOT_ID" overflowTime="HOURS_BEFORE_FILLING" />
      <granary id="SLOT_ID" overflowTime="HOURS_BEFORE_FILLING" />

Attributes and parameters

DESCRIPTION some description of your choice
WAITFOR_UID See "Strategies"
RUNWHILE_UID See "Strategies"
UID Unique IDentifier. See "Strategies"
SLOT_ID slot number where the building will be created
HOURS_BEFORE_FILLING hours needed to fill the empty space at the current production rate


<strategy class="CapacityIncreaser" desc="6 hours to be filled" enabled="true" uid="s2423">
	<warehouse id="20" overflowTime="6" />
	<granary id="21" overflowTime="6" />

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