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^Purpose  |to periodically send resources to other villages  | ^Purpose  |to periodically send resources to other villages  |
-^When to use  | | +^When to use  | when you have spare resources in one village, need resources in another or need to feed defence troops or a World Wonder
-^When to avoid  | |+^When to avoid  |when you dont have a market or using to other players as may violate 1 hour production rule |
-FIXME: description+Uses your merchants to send resources between villages periodically or using clever wait as often as possible. 
 +You can specify if send less than available or to keep a minimum amount in the village for building or troop making.    Note if keepresources is used it takes precedance over allow less so may send odd surplus amounts.
==== Syntax ==== ==== Syntax ====
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==== Examples ==== ==== Examples ====
-FIXME+<code xml> 
 +<strategy class="ResourceSender" desc="Send Res" enabled="false" uid="1234567"> 
 +   <options cleverWait="false" delayMinutes="120" randomOrder="false"/> 
 +   <keepResources clay="500" crop="1000" iron="500" wood="500" /> 
 +   <sendMerchant allowLess="false" wood="750" clay="750" iron="500" crop="250" x="0" y="0"/> 

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