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VilloNanny Advanced Manual


Captcha detection has been introduced in VilloNanny 2.4.0. By default, it just logs the captcha and quits the current strategy. This isn't very useful but at least you get to know what happened. You can configure more advanced behaviours by means of the <captchaHandler> tag of the <server> section. The syntax is as follows:

<captchaHandler class="HANDLERCLASS">
HANDLERCLASS the class to use for handling the captcha
PARAMETERS Some optional parameters, specific to the chosen class


This is the default handler. It just logs the presence of the captcha. You don't need to add it to the configuration file. If you really want to add it, this is an example:

<captchaHandler class="BaseCaptchaHandler">


This handler aborts execution of the current server. Usually this would make VilloNanny to quit entirely. Use it if you don't want the nanny to insist on getti ng a captcha. It takes no parameters. Example:

<captchaHandler class="AbortingCaptchaHandler">

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